26 Sep

I need something new: 10 Daily Routines that can get your mental gears working By Dwight James III

Have you ever met someone that does the same thing everyday and seems to be developing in their day-to-day activities? Do you know anyone that has a habit or ritual that they practice and commit to in their free time? Well, I happen to be one of those individuals. Whether it be praying, speaking a positive affirmation into my being, or reading words of encouragement, I always look for a new way to access another area of my intellect. There is consistency in mental stimulation and you have to create habits that will contribute to this on-going process. Here are ten easy ways that can help you get your mental gears back in motion:

1. Find and read a quote you have never heard.
Books with quotes such as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne can encourage one to seek wisdom in every form possible. It causes you to think sociologically (in other people’s point of view) because you are forced, unconsciously, to embrace and test the wisdom that has been brought before you. For example, The Optimist’s Creed by Christian D. Larson was featured in the Secret; the poem inspired me to speak positivity unto the world and those that live within it. Overtime, I noticed how my vision and perception became clear but affective on my own lifestyle. It created an inner and external parallel for the way I approached new situations. Reading a different writer’s way of thinking can add to and alter your own only if you allow it to do so.
2. Listen to a new genre of music
Music is everywhere. From the wail of a goose to the belch of a baby, there is rhythm in everything. Finding a genre that is unknown to your brain waves can activate an interest that can be temporary or permanent. Do not stay in one lane of music for the rest of your life because it will narrow your auditory taste. You never know what you may become passionate about within another genre; it could the way an artist writes their lyrics, co-created the beats, or even the sound of their voice in general. Finding a new genre of music opens conceptual thinking and broadens the mental palette.
3. Watch at least one TED Talk video that relates… or doesn’t relate to your field of study
TED Talks are always enlightening no matter what the subject maybe. Pick your category (or not) and begin explore new paths of thinking. Get started now though– the first video has already started and you’re missing it!
4. Complain less and Love more.
Do exactly what number four says and you will be able to dispel every bit of negativity in your existence. Spreading love attracts love. Start loving in every way possible and watch your mind follow by enriching your thinking.
5. Take at least one hour of your day and ENJOY your FAMILY!
First you. Second your job. Last your family. Remember, you have to come home to them, not your coworkers or your boss. Appreciate your family and go out to see a movie, play at the park; anything that involves the ones you love the absolute most. Time is patient for no-one. So take that hour (a whole day if possible) and have fun. Notice how stress-less you will become overtime.
6. Appreciate the smallest of Acts
Someone holding the door. Dinner being ready once you come home. The boss giving everyone a day-off. A child that gives you a hand-made gift. An elderly person that gives you the last of what they possess. Having a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in every night. A quiet neighborhood. The gardening men that clean up the yard. Learn to appreciate what others do and they will appreciate what you do in return. Exchange theory works both ways.
7. Make a vision of who YOU want to be and become them.
You are the artist of your life and you have the power to become whatever you want to be! But, in order to begin, you must-must-must pick up the brush! Visiting and visualizing this person can continually remind you of who you want to be and how you intend to become that person! You will dump unnecessary factors that do not feed into the image you are creating. In with good, out with bad. Now before you draw, you have to get the paint and blank canvas!
8. Look at yourself in the mirror and speak positivity into your life
Over 50% of the world is impoverished. There are wars going on, people getting killed, whole nations being destroyed, and violence of all forms occurring as you read. There is someone, however, in the world that has been burned, shot, and/or forcibly crippled that still wakes up everyday with a smile. If they can survive it then you are overly capable of doing the same and more! When you wake up every day, repeat after me:” I am peace. I am love. I am light. I will make the world a better place to live in through all of my endeavors. I promise to speak the truth and spread my treasures when abundant. I am (insert first, middle, and last name) and I will make the choice to live a more positive, prosperous life from this day forth. I can. I will. I shall. Ashé (pronounced Ah-shay, meaning so shall it be.)” A radiant smile will run across your face and you will be open to accepting any form of criticism, judgement, or pain. Exploit your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
9. Listen to your Naysayers. Use their wisdom to your advantage.
Sometimes, it is difficult to maintain self-esteem when you are constantly being ridiculed but take this into consideration. Your Naysayers speak jumbled encouragement to you. They know that you are capable of performing to the best of your abilities and they believe in you yet they cannot muster up enough courage to tell you. Turn a “can’t” into a can. Whenever someone calls you out of your name, simply say : “I know I look good! Thank you for noticing!” Once you switch their way of criticism, you change your own and only seek the best in everything because you have found out what doing your best for others can do for you! You can do it! Listen. Be silent. Smile at the people that try to bring you down. They are the construction workers on the side of your road. Do not let them walk over your creativity!
10. Put your phone down for an hour a day.
Get off of Facebook. Logout of twitter. Do not post anything on Instagram or blog on Tumblr. Stop shopping on Pinterest. Turn your phone off. Bask in the beauty and serenity that the Earth has to offer. Pull the plug on your electronic life and explore the real world. It has so much more to offer. Ungluing your eyes from the screen for an hour and leaping into nature can open a door of fresh expression. So, put the phone down. Now.

I would go on for days but you have new routines to partake in! I know that all of these routines will affect your mind because one area will pause and another will press play. We as humans are able to experience more than just our technology. Make the choice to hop on the window of curiousity that the world has up for auction before it is sold.