19 Oct

Little Light Reviews– Itunes

Pure Dopeness
5 Star Rating
by Zeia’s Dad
This song is at the top of my playlist right now!

Simply Beautiful
5 Star Rating
by bionicboi
CHESS (aka Chester Gregory) is simply a musical genius with whatever he presents to the listener. This is certainly evident with his first album, In Search of High Love, released in 2008. CHESS has the ability to wrap his extremely talented gift in such a unique package leaving our ears simply amazed. With Little Light, he has done it again. This song, as with any of his recordings, makes my ears shiver with excitement as my soul lights up. CHESS has a little light, and he is gonna let it shine BRIGHT! Look out world, CHESS is making his move.

Positive Music that Matters
5 Star Rating
by willie singleton
Chess could’ve talked about anything pertaining to a little light.
He took a route that extended an invitation into to the listening experience.
There aren’t many lights in today’s music but
I think he’s one of the few.
Stupendous work! I Can’t wait for the album/EP!
Keep shining bright Chess!

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